20cl Mel Rhosyn Gin (Wholesale)

Gin Mel Rhosyn is our 3rd addition to the our Honey Gin family.


The label is illustrated again by our lovely friend Rebecca Harry and the beautiful paper rose podium stand is created by the lovely Carter & Wood, you remember they created the honeycomb that hangs from our ceiling. 

Along with containing our very own Raw Welsh Honey other natural ingredients include :Juniper Coriander seed Angelica Orris root Lemon zest Elderflower Rose.


Then infused a touch of raspberry and rose petals. 


As always we remain with our sustainable values and this is why it's taken a while to launch. The label is made from tree pulp and will never contribute to landfill or the ink contaminate our rivers or oceans. 

20cl Mel Rhosyn Gin (Wholesale)

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