About us at Blossom & Nectar

I'm Tams and I created a business out of the need to be in a kinder chemical free environment. I own this independent retailer focused on nature, sustainability and supporting trade industries without harming our environment. We sell a collection of carefully curated artizans and our own branded items too. I feel we all need to live in a happy place with conscious decisions that has the smallest negative effect on the planet and the greatest positive impact.

Our hives are in sustainable apiaries and we put our bees first. We never over harvest and that makes a happier bee with better produce. We only use welsh local superfood bee produce, keeping the quality of our products to the highest standard. Our products are tested and certified. 

Our honey labels are made from seedpaper which is made from sustainable plants and the seeds for flowers that bees love to pollinate and have high levels of nectar to make great honey.

Our wax products are made from sustainable welsh wax and the bees are free to fly where they want to gather nectar & pollen.

How we began.  We had bees when I was younger on a city farm in Cardiff and I always wanted them again but I just didn’t have the time. The next 35 years consisted of being in a high level corporate job, London commuting, European travel,  raising a family and then setting up a business with my Father in 2011.  In 2012 my Father was diagnosed with throat cancer, then terminal in 2016.  My life changed dramatically and I took some time off to care for him.  We  researched the health benefits of using local honey and beeswax. I found being around the bees in the hospice gardens more and more relaxing and started drawing them. I researched more and learnt all about bees. I discovered beekeeping is great for anxiety, something I have developed after my father had passed away.

I joined the British Beekeepers society and took some courses, I loved it. I studied the health benefits of beekeeping, using bee products from the hive and also creating a chemical free pollen and nectar rich garden.  I found cleaning products and scented candles aggravate our health and breathing .I created some pure beeswax candles to help and they worked a treat. Now I concentrate on the natural superfood created in the hive to develop wellness products that keep us and the bees super happy and healthy.  

Our herbs, plants and flowers are all seasonal British locally farmed and grown without pesticides or neonicotiniods. Pollinated by bees in a safe chemical free environment in Peat free compost 

All of our packaging is free from single use plastic, recycled and recyclable. We keep to local producers making our carbon footprint low. We feel strongly about sustainability both in our apiaries and our packaging. We are zero waste whenever possible. 

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